April - May 2019

Sometimes you might wonder why we focus on the things that we do in class.  Killer abdominal workouts, lunges, plyometrics, line-work, technical drills with a variety of partners, you name it.  When you are focused on the next competition or grading, you might wonder: why don’t we simply work on kumite or kata?  Surely, by this point in the year our


March 2019


  • Reminder that we will be off for Spring break the week of March 25th.  First class after the break will be on April 2nd.
  • Registration is now open for Soke Cup (July 25th to 29th, 2019).  More details can be found at the Soke Cup Website.

January - February 2019

Congratulations to Sensei Mariah Blunt for her strong results at the recent Canadian National Karate Championships held in Gatineau, Quebec on January 19 and 20.  Blunt Sensei finished second overall in a very challenging kumite division.  Congratulations also go out to Sempai Brooklyn Buckie for her strong showing – she finished 5th in the same


December 2018

Our Fall 2018 training session is about to wrap up before the Christmas/Holiday break.  Though we got off to a slow start with the gym floor out of commission for almost one month, since then I have seen excellent effort and focus in the dojo. 

Congratulations to Sensei Mariah Blunt and Sempai Brooklyn Buckie as they were selected to the Senior Karate Alberta


One Kids Class December 20

There be only one kids class on Thursday, December 20. Class starts at 6:45PM.  For those of you that attend the early class at 6:00PM please plan to attend this class instead.

November 2018

Congratulations to all who competed in the October 27 Karate Alberta Tournament and thank you to all who volunteered to help the tournament run smoothly.  Complete tournament results can be found here.

November presents us with opportunities to continue reinforcing our basics, as we did throughout October.  Those of you who competed in the October 27


No Classes Friday, November 9,2018

There will be no classes Friday, November 9, 2018 due to the long weekend.  Please check the schedule for alternate times and days.

Classes Cancelled Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Due to the  inclement weather we will be cancelling classes tonight.  Stay home and stay safe.  Now would be a good time to do a little training on your own.  Perhaps a little stretching?

September 2018

Welcome back to all returning members and to those new to the dojo, thank you for choosing Sabean Karate Academy! We have had a challenging start to the year with our dojo being unavailable while the floor is being refinished. Though we haven’t begun our physical training together for the year – currentlyour start date is September 25 – now is a


Updated: First Class Postponed to September 25, 2018

Update - The saga continues.

We just received another call from the school indicating that the contractor is late on getting the gym ready for use.  Unfortunately this means the gym will not be ready until at least Tuesday, September 25th.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Owing to the lateness of the start of classes we will not be


June 2018

We are now in the last month of classes before summer, with a short break before the Nova Scotia summer camp being held July 11 to 15 in Halifax.

We have had a busy few weeks with various tournaments and, most importantly, a visit from Soke and Higuchi Sensei at the end of April for a three-day workshop.  That workshop provided karateka at all


March-April 2018 (Updated)

This past month was busy with preparations for belt testing and of course the competition at the Canadian National Karate Championships held in Halifax.  Congratulations to our dojo members who advanced a belt level – including our three new Shodans:  Sempai Peter Lawrence, Sempai Ethan Baker and Sempai Diego Ruiz. 

At the national championships, the


February 2018

Congratulations to our dojo members selected for the 2018 Karate Alberta Provincial team!  Returning team members are Sempai Mariah Blunt (8th time team member and gold medallist in her U21 kumite division), Ethan Baker (3rd time) and Diego Ruiz-Silva (3rd time).  Making their debut on the team are Darshleen Singh, Hafid Ben Mahmud and Muhimen


January 2018

Happy New Year!  Welcome back to training for 2018.  The holiday break gave many of us a chance for rest and relaxation; if you got a little too relaxed, don’t worry, we will add some extra fitness to our training sessions to get us all back on track.  I know all of you enjoy the Ab Ripper workout just as much as I do! 

Our focus in class has been on


December 2017 (Updated)

Thank you once again to everyone who supported the All Alberta Karate Invitational Tournament held on November 25.  From the volunteers who helped with activities such as set-up, take-down, scorekeeping and officiating to the athletes who not only competed but assisted younger members of our dojo through coaching and warm-up:  these contributions were


November 2017

Congratulations to Sempai Mariah Blunt and the entire Canadian contingent who recently competed and coached at the WKF Junior, Cadet & U21 World Championships in Tenerife, Spain.  Sempai Mariah completed the competition – her last in the Under 21 category – with a 9th place finish.  Well done Sempai! 

The coming weeks will continue to have a dual


October 2017

We have been back at training for about a month – hopefully everyone is feeling like their brains and bodies are in the training groove.  Welcome to our new members!  The focus over the next weeks and months will be on supporting our fellow dojo members as they prepare for upcoming tournaments, as well as gradings.  Colored belts who are ready,


Casino Volunteers Still Needed

We are still needing 2 or 3 volunteers for our Casino on  September 22 and 23.  If you are able to help out please contact Elliot Hewitt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


First Class - September 12th

Greetings.  I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and is ready for training again.  Our first class of the new season will be on Tuesday, September 12th at 6:00PM.  See you there!

June 2017

We are well into the last month of training before summer break – our final class day is Tuesday, June 27.  It’s been a busy year and I have seen great progress at all levels in the dojo. Our younger students have become more active – with many students from the children’s class participating in their first tournament this past year.  As well, a